Thursday, February 4, 2010

Freakin Beth Moore!

How dare you be so passionate about your relationship with Jesus Christ! How dare you have speaking skills that makes my heart drop to my feet! How dare you speak THROUGH my troubles and trials to my heart making me want to do better and be better! How dare you be so relatable and easy to listen to. How dare you be so ordinary yet so supernaturally and extraordinarily ordained and gifted. How dare you!!!

I spent the entire morning crying while watching you speak on We Are Known. I mean I cried so hard I am now writing this post with a splitting "cry" headache. You know, the headache that comes from contracting all your facial muscles till your face is freakishly distorted while pushing gallons of fluid through tear ducts at a rate that would make an engine seize! That's the headache that I'm dealing with right now. Freakin Beth Moore!

Who knew "being known" would yank my heart out of my chest and make me feel like God was talking right to me? He knows me! The Hebrew word Yada: to be completely and perfectly known, liked to have drowned me this morning! Who knew that the message from Beth, that God knows and acknowledges everything I've been through, would cause such a release? Clearly, when internal band-aids are ripped away, there will be a jolt as one that is ripped off your body!

Beth Moore with her charm and likability.... I know that somewhere inside is a sadist that LOVES being the one ripping those band-aids away. Her with that sweet smile! Freakin Beth Moore.... BLESS YOU!

We Are Known - Wednesday's With Beth on Life Today

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