Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Made With Love

There is nothing in the world like receiving handmade items! I LOVE THEM! Anything handmade is like some special treasure and I ALWAYS adore whatever is given to me that was made by the giver. And for me, it's never about the item itself. It's the idea that, not only did someone think about me, but they cared enough to invest time for me. That speaks volumes and overwhelms me with a feeling that I rarely get any other way. It's from this place within me that makes me LOVE to make things for others. The joy that I get when someone else "gets" that I care about them. I spend the entire time making my projects envisioning the receiver and how they will know that I care about them. And you see it. Give a handmade gift and watch a special expression cross their face.... that look of surprise and the twinkle in their eye when they ask with surprise, "Did you make this???" It is because of this that I'm NEVER concerned with small characteristics in my projects that might show the receiver that the item is handmade... I actually WANT them there. If it's too perfect, I'm always afraid that the meaning of the item or gift will be missed. It's never about what is given but rather HOW it's given.... with all my love.

There is no perfection WITH love. Love IS the perfection in the midst of all our mistakes and flaws.... those are characteristics that show the meaning of what love really is. It's that love within that shines even though our condition is less than perfect. You see... we too are handmade.

***Pictured is the card that I promised in yesterday's post.

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