Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In yesterday's post I talked about me being sick... in the sexy way... and overcoming the urge to suppress sickness being that sickness can be a time of cleansing for the body. But what about all that discomfort? Hydrotherapy proves itself to be far more beneficial, and far less toxic, than most over-the-counter remedies we are so accustomed to reach for.

Sore muscles? A good old fashioned hot bath will relax aching muscles and draw out toxins. Natural Epsom Salts added to the bath can help with the achy muscles. As a matter of fact, click on the link for SO many more benefits of Epsom Salts! That stuff is a multipurpose natural remedy all on it's own.

Head Congestion? Steam works wonders without the side effects you get from most decongestants. I bought a Conair facial steamer used to clean pores, but it came with a sinus steam attachment. Another great natural remedy is a Netti Pot. Used regularly, it will help to avoid head congestion all together. Clearly, with me being sick right now, you can probably guess that I don't use mine regularly. Note to self: START USING REGULARLY!

Sore Throat? Combination heat and cold can fix that right up. Take a small washcloth and wet it with cold water, ring out the excess water and place on the sore area. Wrap your entire neck with a fresh-from-the-dryer hot towel and head for bed. Wrap up tight in the covers and let the healing begin. Another sore throat/itchy throat remedy is to gargle with 2 tsp. sea salt dissolved in 8 oz warm - hot water (as warm as your throat can stand without doing damage).

Chest Congestion? Rub organic peppermint extract on your chest and back dabbing a small amount under your nose and sit in a hot bath. Feel the relief set in. If the chest congestion is coupled with a dry (unproductive) cough, follow a 20 minute hot soak with a good chest and back "cupping". Cupping is where a loved one cups their hand and firmly smacks the chest and back with it. The cupping of the hand makes the smacking painless while loosening congestion so coughing is more productive. And, well, it just feels good. Cupping works best while laying down.

Well, this list is really just a small sampling of the MANY healing uses of water. I prefer this avenue to feel better because I know water used both externally and internally is not having adverse effects on my organs. I also know that, instead of disrupting natural bodily processes like cleansing, I'm assisting the process on my road to recovery. I hope this helps everyone as much as it really has helped me over the years. Be sure to ask your doctor how hydrotherapy can help you too.

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