Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gadget Girl Out of the Kitchen!

Yep! Gadget girl strikes again! This time the gadget isn't for my kitchen... it's actually a tool I got as an early birthday present to monitor my health and fitness (yes... I begged!). I am suddenly a walking science exeriment!

This little (and I mean little... 2" x 1.75") gadget straps to your arm and electronically monitors your energy output. With the included program (I got a 12 month subscription), you input your energy consumption and this little miracle calculates, tracks and utilizes your data to propel you toward your health and fitness goals! Introducing my newest obsession: The BodyBugg!

There are plenty of resources out there to gather the specifications on this unit and like a million more for reviews, but the most helpful resource that I found was from an instructor that I adore. Ms. Chalene Johnson, the maker of Turbo Jam, gave a superb review of this gadget and convinced me that this little gem would be the tool that would teach me how my body works and works most efficiently. I've been wearing my new bodybugg for about two weeks now and I've gotten to glimpse INSIDE ME! I've gotten to see my activity through the day on easy to read graphs. I see when my calories burned are the highest and know exactly what exercises I've done. I've learned that the Elliptical (for me) burns TWICE the amount of calories first thing in the morning than when I'm on the Elliptical last thing at night. I've also learned that the afternoon Turbo Jam session spikes my calorie burn quite a bit and CONTINUES to burn calories pretty steadily for hours after I'm done and maintains that burn clear on through my dinner preparations. That little "peek" inside myself and the discovery on how I process energy as proven to be A BILLION DOLLAR discovery. I call it that because isn't the fitness and weight loss industry a BILLION DOLLAR business? Isn't that the missing link for SO MANY PEOPLE? Why can't I lose it? Why can't I keep it off? If you had an opportunity to see inside, see how YOUR body works, and be able to cut out the inefficient actions that always got you the same results (heck, and even KNOW what they are), wouldn't THAT be worth a billion to you? Suddenly, no guess work. No false hopes. No hoping that "this time will be different" while feeling that your body is just completely out of your control. Now there is a tool that puts the reigns in your hand. You are in the drivers seat. YOU control, and more importantly take responsibility for, the energy you consume vs. the energy you spend. Feelings get removed from your day-to-day and are replaced with fast and hard mathematics: calories in vs. calories out.

CORRECTION: calories in (M x 5) - calories out = SUCCESS! Didn't think I'd throw algebra at you, did you??? HAHAHAHA! The fact of the matter is, it's NOT as simple as calories in vs. calories out otherwise you could go without eating for a month and exercise to lose weight (people certainly try and fail due to the metabolism shutting down) and I'm seeing why with the bodybugg. I'm seeing my metabolism engage differently at different times. For me, I've noticed that I burn more calories in the afternoon when I do Turbo Jam AFTER eating a meal than if I do that same workout before eating. I also burn more calories doing my workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach than after I've eaten. I get like a little calorie burn spike on the graph during the time that I'm eating my breakfast every morning after that "wake up workout." What a thing to see! Every body is different, so everyone processes energy differently, so the AMAZING thing about this new little gadget is that I finally can see how I'm processing energy and can fine-tune my daily routine to be efficient, completely removing the stress of the guesswork that used to always be there.

Stay tuned for my follow up to this post: An Adventure in Counting Calories

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