Friday, February 19, 2010

FitterTwit on Relationships

HAHAHAHA! Ok, the title of this post even made ME laugh! But, hey, I have some pretty serious thoughts on the matter. And since I have had many different kinds of relationships with many different kinds of people... well, that COULD qualify me as an expert. So here's my thoughts.

EVERY relationship is worthwhile and serves a very specific purpose in your life. No matter who the person is or how the relationship my have started, ended or continues today, the person with whom you are interacting is important. Even the most toxic of relationships with the most toxic of people have a way of influencing the best in us if we allow it to. And we never know when or how WE are influencing another person.... people DO change. And certainly lets not forget how our relationships can impact observers. Now, I wouldn't tell you to go run into a vat of toxic sludge any sooner than I'd say, "get into a toxic relationship". I mean, they ARE called toxic for a reason, but what I AM saying is that those relationships (those people) have an ultimate purpose. These relationships, and more importantly their purpose, deserve exploration before we jump to the conclusion that a person or event is bad. Maybe we inadvertently became someone's guardian angel. Maybe they built strength in us. Maybe they showed us how to view the world differently or taught us how to really love. Maybe, just maybe, they were a catalyst for amazing things to come. Maybe we were that for them.

So the next time the opportunity to "bump" into someone from your past presents itself, don't shy away... hahahaha, well, unless you fear for your life. We just never know the life that someone has had or what kind of ripple our relationships cause in the sea of someone's life (even our own). I don't know about you, but I want to be a ripple in this world that causes a wave of love and gratitude and acceptance. I have been blessed with the absolute BEST relationships. Some were good, some where bad and ALL were great. I am grateful for each and every one.

Best of luck to everyone in their relationships!

A special "Thank You" to my friend Debbie for popping back into my life after many years. I suddenly remembered how much I missed your sunshine. How did I go so long without your encouragement??? You have taught me so much!
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