Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Squelch A Cold

Well, well, well! I have a cold. I am miserable. I LOVE IT! And not just because my voice is all raspy and sexy... although it totally is. Nope, it's because I know that this cold is a vehicle for my body to cleanse.

Our bodies have different ways of eliminating built up toxins. It ALWAYS involves bodily fluid in different forms so when you're sick, the lovely fluid of choice is (of course) mucus or phlegm <--what a great word that is! HAHAHAHA! Bodily cleansing processes is one of the reasons that we should ALWAYS be well hydrated. It helps the toxins to flow out of the body. And no time is more important than when we're sick, which is why I bring up phlegm in the first place. Well, that and so I can say phlegm again. <-- see, you like it too, huh? :)

Sickness is a time of ridding the body of mega toxins in the ocean of phlegm production (phlegm count 4). In all different colors the toxins are removed, sometimes exiting the body forcefully with the violent coughing and the constant nose blowing. So the next time you get sick, before reaching for the cold medicine or vitamins to stop your sickness in it's tracks, please remember the human process that you might be disrupting. It's hard to do at first because after years of squelching sickness, TONS of toxins have built up and our bodies aren't used to having to fight through sickness so we are 100 times more miserable. But over time, dealing with a cold gets so much easier with less toxin build up and you end up being sick for shorter durations. 5 years ago when I stopped even taking vitamins to treat sickness my colds would be horrible sometimes lasting 2-3 weeks. Now my colds last a matter of days WITHOUT the convenience of suppressive drugs. So while I say I'm miserable, please know that for me (right now) it's an exaggeration. The soreness I feel the first day makes me enjoy hot baths, soothing teas and lots of rest... one might call that pampering. So on top of cleansing my body I can add pamping to the list. Yah, I am grateful for all the phlegm and see this simple cold as a sign of serious good health and an opportunity to care for ME. Not to mention the added benefit of this super sexy voice!
***Remember that when that phlegm comes up (nose or mouth).... get it out of you. It is our body's toxic trashcan.

***Warning: I am in no way telling someone not seek medical attention or not to follow their doctor's advice. I am however encouraging EVERYONE to consider their own health and to gather knowledge about their bodies so that they can make better choices when choosing a doctor. I for one look for a healer... NOT a medical practitioner. Remember that Penicillin was not discovered until 1928 (by Alexander Fleming <-- seriously, is that ironic or what?), so for MANY years people dealt with sickness having no notion on how sickness serves the body. We understand far more today and with the convenience of the internet... gaining knowledge that increases our ultimate health has never been easier. Even when Penicillin was discovered, it was only used in emergency, last-resort cases. And I can promise you, if I EVER feel like I'm dying and need medical intervention (drugs or surgery) for my health to stabilize... I will be in a hospital in a heartbeat and would recommend that anyone else do the same. But by allowing my body to re-learn how to heal itself, I found out VERY quickly that me being miserable and me feeling like I'm dying are two different things. As of yet, I don't know what dying feels like.

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