Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yo Quiero Taco Bell??? Not Yet!

While I do not think it's ok for Taco Bell to run a "Taco Bell Diet" or "Drive Thru Diet" campaign, I can say that after reading Christine's journey, Taco Bell is moving in the right direction! For a fast food chain to FINALLY get that we need truly healthy options is wonderful. But my concern about promoting those healthier options this way is that we are feeding (pardon the pun) the nation's obesity epidemic with yet ANOTHER fad. When in reality, this change that Taco Bell is making could actually usher in a new America (similar to what Subway did! Now THAT'S fast food I can stand behind).... But it doesn't look like it's going that way at all.

Taco Bell's Fresco menu is a brilliant FIRST STEP! Replacing sauces and cheese with pico de gallo is a huge step in the right direction. But it's NOT Subway!!! Subway offers REAL healthy options with whole wheat bread and TONS OF VEGGIES. We REALLY need to be asking: what's IN that Fresco item beyond the pico de gallo? How is the meat REALLY prepared? And why can't they offer low carb whole wheat tortilla as an option as well? Yes America... Taco Bell is heading in the right direction.... but we're not there yet. And Taco Bell might want to rethink how they are selling this because fads come and fads GO whereas "Taco Bell's Making Healthy Changes" could move them to corner their market and change the way America eats forever! Subway did it beautifully! I would definitely encourage Taco Bell to rethink their marketing.

If Taco Bell REALLY made that Fresco menu healthy (REAL grilled chicken with no additives and low carb whole wheat tortillas), I can honestly say that I would be in line weekly... as I am with Subway. Now, if I could just get Subway to go organic....

Here's another great perspective! Smallie Size Menu

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