Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yep readers... I hit the jackpot! I was at Whole Foods today and headed over to the dairy aisle to find me a little treasure in the form of Greek yogurt. The beauty of Greek yogurt is that for about the same calories as regular yogurt, you get a ton of protein. And in the case of the Chobani yogurt I got, it also had NO fat AND is made with hormone free milk containing all the wonderful live yogurt cultures and probiotics that yogurt "back in the day" always contained. I am IN LOVE with this yogurt. It is SUPER CREAMY with HUGE fruit pieces and reminds me of soft serve ice cream with fruit topping more than yogurt. And the fact that Chobani is made with all natural sweeteners is enough to make me dance a jig.... no seriously... I DANCED A JIG!

So here are the numbers: Calories - 140, Fat - 0, Protein -14g, Carb - 20g

Here's a link to try Chobani for free: Chobani Coupon

What a perfect end-of-the-day snack that is yummy, satisfying AND good for you! You're dancing a jig now too aren't you??? :)

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