Friday, January 22, 2010

Slow But Sure Doesn't Always Win The Race!

For those who make small changes and take baby steps to achieve their goals but just can't seem to stick to it, I suggest that you strap on a parachute and jump! Sometimes (for some people) jumping into a new lifestyle is the greatest thing that you can do for yourself. At least it was for me. The small changes would only give me small results making it easy for me to quit or give up because I just wasn't making progress (I should clarify, s-l-o-w progress). But when I made one huge complete change I saw HUGE results and those results have been motivating me ever since. The other bonus to "jumping" was that I only had to "suffer" once. There was no, "a little suffer here....... a little suffer there" until one day I was transformed. For some people that works. For me, not so much. The ultimate decision to live my life differently was only tough for the first few weeks of LEARNING a new way to live, and it was while I was motivated to change and willing to "suffer" a little to get what I want. The one big adjustment seemed to be far less tougher than I thought it would be. Which makes perfect sense now as I look back at all the S-L-O-W agony I always felt from always feeling like I was taking something away while getting very little in return. Each and every week changing or depriving me of SOMETHING!!! But when I made one big change, it was like removing a bandage... quick, painful but over before I knew it. Amazingly enough, that was about the time that support started coming in BEFORE I could ask for it. It was like the universe decided to move the moment I decided that EVERYTHING was going to change. That new level of commitment made mountains start to move. So while slow but sure can and does work for many, if it doesn't work for you and you find yourself ALWAYS going back to your old habits, the BIG change might be just what you need. And the BIG results might just be the motivation to make your changes stick.

Good luck to all on our journeys to get our heart's desires....

****I dedicate this to my friend Heather who motivates me to no end and who graciously invited me into her world solidifying and supporting the big changes that I have made. For more wonderful inspiration, please check out

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Coach Meg said...

AGREED! in capitals.... sometimes we are so afraid that we will not survive if we leap, we coddle ourselves into believing that little changes are good enough, and then throw those changes away when good enough is not working. We should always pursue excellence and well, that may mean jumping!!! in grand style!