Monday, January 4, 2010

The Inventor Of the TV Dinner Should Be Slapped!

Close observation of my eating shows that I can scarf my tuna casserole at an alarming rate. I sit in front of the TV to eat my dinner and 5 minutes later I am pushing the plate away with little to no memory of ever have eaten. That is interesting to me because, you see, I LOVE FOOD! I also LOVE being thin. These facts SHOULD come to life by the knowledge that if I took smaller bites and chewed thoroughly, not only would I get to enjoy my food that much longer, but I would also be burning more calories (yes, the activity of chewing burns calories!!!!)! And on top of THAT amazing knowledge, my body would also be able to process the food I eat much better therefore more of the food I consume would be utilized to help build my lean mean body. So what the heck is up???? Why DON'T I slow down my eating knowing all these amazing benefits? What's causing this little glitch? Those are the very questions I asked myself at the start of this year. I knew the answer before I ever wrote the question down on my trusty goal sheet; TV. For me, the television causes mindless eating. When I sit in front of the TV, I can get so absorbed that huge blocks of my time go missing. I end up having little memory of anything beyond the shows that I just watched. Don't get me wrong. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I ALWAYS watch TV when I eat dinner. Come to think of it, snacks are often consumed in front of the television as well. I have developed the terrible habit of associating food with TV and have instilled mindless eating into my day-to-day! How did this happen????

I think (by now) you all might see where this is going. #1 priority for 2010: NO EATING IN FRONT OF THE TV!!! That's all I'm going to say in today's post other than to say, "Mindless eating bad!"
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