Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zoya Polish Exchange

They FINALLY arrived!!! I participated in the Zoya polish exchange sending Art of Beauty 12 old bottles of polish in exchange for 12 NEW bottles of Zoya. I got them for FREE, but I had to pay $1.50 per bottle for shipping + postage to mail my old bottles, so I ended up spending about $23 for 12 new bottles of nail polish. Considering these polishes retail for $6-$9 a piece, getting 12 bottles for $23 was a STEAL, and these polish colors are GORGEOUS, natural, formaldehyde free and DBP free. Check em out!

The new Zoya Colors from L to R: Jo, Blair, Irene, Emme. I literally slapped two coats on over my gels, so I apologize for how they look. These polishes completely covered the Konad nail stamps in just two coats and are beautiful! Jo has me reeling... I LOVE this color!!! I can't believe that I got all these colors for free by exchanging old bottles of polish... I mean I sent them bottles that I was getting ready to throw away. Most of them were more than half used. Soooo, I exchanged nasty old nail polish for THIS! Jackpot!

The new Zoya Colors from L to R: Harley, Ki, Shivon, Richelle. Harley is a an amazing grey, Ki looks purple, but is actually green AND purple (great mix) and Shivon actually looks like a copper color in the bottle but goes on rose. I don't know if it was by mistake, but every one of these colors but Harley is a frost color and even Harley is slightly.

Just another benefit of gel nails; no sooner did I slap these amazing Zoya colors on, I used non acetone polish remover and the gels stay perfect... shiny as ever and my Konad stamp looks perfect as well! Anyway, the Zoya colors from L to R: Marry (looks like a slightly more purple version of Shivon), Colbie (a browner version of Blair) and Freja which is a slate grey color... the pic doesn't really show the blue in the polish, but it is there and soooo pretty!!!

*** You may notice there is one color missing... I have packed it to be mailed to a friend to celebrate her losing 7 pounds last week after working her butt off. She is a loyal follower, friend and contributor to this blog... I don't want to ruin her surprise!

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