Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow... this garden is taking on a life of it's own. From weekend to weekend fruit and veggies seem to pop up out of nowhere! Quite frankly, I'm very shocked by how quickly we are getting a harvest. Had I really known how easy gardening was, I would have done it much sooner! But when I say easy, please understand that it does and did require gathing information on how to garden, but beyond that, the work is very minimal.

I sent my husband out to the garden this morning to water for 15 or 20 minutes only to have him burst into the house about an hour later exclaiming, "We have pumpkins!" Apparently he was out there pulling weeds, cutting back over growth (with a tear that he had to lose a couple of buds) and playing farmer when he noticed there was a pumpkin in our one row patch. How fun is this!?! Well the first surprise led to the second and then the third.....

Another Pumpkin! How the heck did we not see that during the week? The second pumpkin is HUGE! No wonder he was so excited. Every weekend we venture out to the garden and are always excited by what we find.
Ok... here's the watermelon! We LOVE watermelon. Judging by all the buds on these vines... we are going to have a TON of them! Our two dogs happen to love watermelon as well... they do not even suspect the wonderful surprise of their own that is coming their way. From the looks of this first one, that surprise is not very far away!

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jhoannz said...

what a green thumb you have!