Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deadline For The Polish Give Away is Coming!

So, I really had a "nail art-fest" over the weekend. I really just wanted to play around with a couple of the french tip image discs that I have to hopefully inspire readers who are reading my blog to participate in the polish give away (click this link for details). The give away is a Seche Vite/China Glase polish set. I credit the Seche Vite for my ability to do my nails three times over the weekend with some really great designs! The quick dry topcoat works super fast and is one of my "must haves"!

Well, with the deadline fast approaching, let the inspiration begin! Oh, and don't forget that you too can get these image discs at 20% off with FREE shipping over $20. Go to http://store.ocnailart.com/ and use discount code 'MENTAL' at checkout to save 20%!

I will list the image disc numbers below the picture. For this one, I used a teal nail art paint with clear polish and Konad's black special polish. The little gems were a really cute effect! The Konad image discs that I used was M19 for the flat french tips and M9 for the flowers. For these, I used the same technique using red nail art paint with OPI's Yoga-ta Get This Blue for the stars and clear polish for the base. The image disc that I used for the star tips was M44. What a great fourth of July design. Hopefully the next time I do this technique, it will turn out a little better! Sorry folks! Finally, this one is the cutest! I got a pink and white gel manicure and topped it with flowers from Konad image disc M9! That disc is just so versatile! I used a magenta nail art paint. The nail art paints work well and are super cheap. I get them from a local beauty supply store for $1 each.