Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Nights

I just took a fun survey... "Which Grease Character Are You". I answered a series of maybe 12 questions and the character that I'm supposedly most like popped up: Sandra Dee! Can you believe it?!? Well, anyway, this silly little quiz got the song Summer Nights stuck in my head and before I knew it, I was sifting through my nail stuff to find the perfect summer look.
This is beyond cute!!! The ladybug smeared just a little (I used the Konad special polish which is very touchy with topcoats), but it's still cute as all get out. The nail polish was recommended to me by a very wonderful clerk at Beauty Brands. I'm suspicious that it was just an up-sell, however, it certainly came in handy today. The color is OPI's Lunch At The Delhi. The image is a 'Fauxnad' image from plate K05. This manicure takes me to a meadow on a red and white gingham table cloth next to a huge rattan picnic basket under an amazing blue sky that is cradling white puffy clouds. I can almost feel the breeze! Now that is inspiration, and all from a little polish and nail art.... I just had a mental vacation.... that's not too bad for a quick manicure!
The other little "happy" that I picked up at Beauty Brands (and the whole reason for my visit in the first place) was for a bottle of Art of Beauty's Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator - the makers of Zoya Nail Polish. I watched a vlog done by Leesha at She is serious about her beauty and cute as a button, so when she said that she was trying out this product, OF COURSE I had to run out and try it myself. It claims 1/4 inch growth in two weeks... which is HUGE! And ever since I had to clip my nails after starting the garden, the growth has been seemingly slow without the help of a nail treatment. I needed a new base coat anyway, so I thought I would give it a shot. I will be sure to update in two weeks! OH YEAH... EXPERIMENT!

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