Monday, June 1, 2009

Recycle for Beauty

Well, I don't have anything big to share today other than how I organize my Konad image plates. If you've ever read my closet conversion post, you know how big I am on organization that is mobile. My nail art isn't any different and I wanted to show you my trick. The pic you see here is a clam shell case that had an acrylic stamp set in it... you know, the kind of stamps for card making, scrapbooking, etc. The case was the perfect size (well so far) and currently holds approximately 24 plates with room for a FEW more.

I then printed a list of all the plates that I have and what images are on the plate so that I can find them easily when doing my nails. I cut the list to fit the lid and attached with a dot of acid free glue. This little thing has been gold for me and was a "free" fix to the clutter that was forming in my bathroom from the nail art.
Gotta love recycling!!!

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awesomevegan said...

That's a very cute idea! I use baseball card organizers for my loose round plates and I lay them flat in with my Salon Pro case. That is working good for me for now but if I wanted to travel I may do something like that. I have a compact from TKB trading I never used... I am going to try that out now LOL. It is the same shape.