Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gold Rush!

Wow! These look like a million bucks! I have four gold polishes (more than enough for anyone.... or maybe not! LOL) that are my favies... and here's why!

From L to R: Color Club Golden Girl, Zoya Richelle, Essie The Cove Copper, and OPI Golden Rules.
My all time favorite gold is the OPI Golden Rules. It goes on silky smooth and two coats is PERFECT. It dries silky as well. Next is Color Club's Golden Girl. Again, it goes on very smooth, but is just a tad bit richer in color than the OPI. My next favorite is Essie The Cove Copper... yah, it's not copper... it's gold. It goes on a little streaky and required three coats to cover completely, but when it dries, it's beautiful. It does have a hint of a copper undertone, but that just makes it an even prettier gold! And last is my new Zoya Richelle. It is a great gold, don't get me wrong. The only reason I listed it as my dead last favorite gold is because it looks like a heavy texture gold that I find very distracting. It looks almost like a gold foil on my nail. I LOVE it on my toes though and can't wait to play around with some nail art with this color... we'll see.

PSSST! This is another swatch that I did over gel so that I could easily remove the polish to reveal my beautiful manicure and keep the amazing shine. For being such a high maintenance girl... I love a good low maintenance tip. It comes in handy when you want to slap on some polish to match an evening dress, but don't want to have to do another complete manicure the next day... see what I mean?

The green polish is OPI Green-Wich Village with Fauxnad plate B02. For the sparkles I used IMN's Northern Lights holo topcoat.

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