Friday, June 19, 2009

The Great Escape and Back From The Dead

They had been planning since the early part of spring. Being transplanted in this place was seemingly more than they could bare. Oh, at first they thought they could make it work, possibly even thrive, but extreme circumstances drove them to their end. Were there others to share their fate? Being brought in second hand to mature just to be used, eaten up by this hungry world! A glimpse in either direction gave them their answer... death was all around them. It looked like it was inevitable. But wait! A spark of life! Others were moving into place and from the looks of things were planning a great escape. There was hope! To reach up and out might mean freedom. They discovered a new-found will to live. This feeling was something they couldn't even have dreamed just a few months back. All of a sudden others were inspiring a new hope of an abundant life where they could thrive and be fruitful....

This is a little story about the bell peppers that I planted when we started our first garden (click on the pic to enlarge). I bought 5 pepper plants along with strawberry plants and cucumber plants to transplant into my prepared soil. I lost every one of the strawberry and cucumber plants shortly after transplant. Strawberries were planted to the left of the peppers and cucumbers were planted to the right. The pepper plants had also died, but amazingly all of them came back to life and struggled for quite some time. I then replanted cucumbers (organic this time from seed) next to the peppers where the transplanted cucumbers had died. Well, I'm happy to report that ever since the cucumber sprouted, the bell peppers have gotten better and better and along with cucumber flowers, I also got bell pepper flowers! It's been an amazing journey of death, resurrection and companionship that has brought this little bell pepper to fruition! hahaha! And now, the cucumbers are breaking out... past the bars that once kept them contained all while the bell peppers next to them watch. I'm happy to report... both are strong. I can tell you that this bell pepper will be the sweetest bell pepper ever, even before I harvest! I played it all off in this blog post as this dramatic story taking place, but in reality it was kind of dramatic watching nature take it's course! Yah, I put the cool in dork! LOL!
This Pic: "Proof of The Great Escape!" HAHAHAHAHA!

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