Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween Inspiration For Going All Out

A few weeks ago I placed an order for theatrical makeup and just received it a short while ago.  I CANNOT believe how much easier it is to put a look like this together with the right makeup!!!  My last Halloween makeup post was all about keeping Halloween inexpensive, but this post is about what can happen when you invest a little!!!

I literally completed this look (with hair) in under a half hour!!!  Halloween makeup has NEVER taken me less than an hour.  Oh, and that time included the contacts!  Hard to believe I know.... but I've been practicing.  See, my last Halloween makeup post included a link for a sale on Halloween contacts and I just COULDN'T pass up the great deal (click HERE for deets on the "great deal").  So when both pairs of contacts arrived, I quickly stored them in solution and have been popping them in once a day.  My poor husband!  He has NO CLUE what color his wife's eye's will be at any given time when he looks at me.  He assures me that it's a bit more than disconcerting when he goes to talk to me while I'm doing dishes and I turn to look at him with BLAZING RED EYES!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Now that I just got the blazing red and the white that are seen here, I can't help but change them up from day to day while I'm.... uh.... "practicing".  I really do HATE touching my eyeballs, but I will admit that it is getting easier the more I do it.  Here's a close up of these white contacts:

Pretty cool effect!!!   If you look closely, at certain angles, my blue eyes peek through around the edges of the contact lenses.  Honestly, I don't mind it at all.... I actually LOVE how they make my eyes look.  I think next year I'll work on getting some Manson lenses where the white is outlined in black.  Wow.... that's gotta be a record for me!  I'm already planning Halloween 2013 and October, 2012 isn't even here!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

Ok gang, that's it for today.  But before I go, I do want to suggest a couple of brands worth checking into if you're looking at "doing it up" this Halloween.  Here's a couple of links for Ben Nye products and Wolfe FX products.  Both are AMAZING product lines to make your Halloween one to be remembered!!!  Also, here are a couple of links for some inspiration and how-to's for Halloween looks:
Top 25 Makeup Tutorials and Monroe Misfit Makeup (She's so AMAZING!!!)!


Scrappychick said...

Great job on the makeup! Come do mine :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You LOOK AWESOME!!! And I will admit it to you and you only *wink* (peanut butter -- lol!!) ... that I have NO issues with touching my eye... NONE at all!!! So I now know what to torture you with next time I see you!! LOL!!!!! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

How fun!!! You did an awesome job on yourself -- love your look!!!