Thursday, September 13, 2012

Curse You 21 Jumpstreet and Heed My Warnings

Ok, so I rented it and I loved it!!!  I hate that I loved it!  And I hate myself even more that I'm running out to buy it!  But watching this HILARIOUS movie remake reminds me of all the broken dreams and unanswered questions I was left with as a teenage girl while I manipulated and maneuvered my black and white TV antennae unavailingly to give me a clear picture of the hit Fox TV show. Back in 1987, Fox was a new station and did not come through very clearly on that trusty black and white and most nights it was as if my beloved Penhall was communicating to me from the other side through all that white noise.  Yes, I was in love with Officer Doug James Penhall and that teenage ritual would literally foreshadow the pain and heartbreak I would endure watching the end of 21 Jump Street the movie... and I'm STILL compelled to buy it.  If you haven't seen the movie yet, this post might come as a shock and should definitely be considered a spoiler for anyone reading it.... my first warning.

Fox certainly hit the jackpot with this incredible show (and it's incredible casting) that ran throughout my most formidable years.  And ironically, it's not lost on me the uncanny resemblance the man I'm married to has to Officer Penhall (the badge, the thick brown hair, the strong nose, wicked jaw line, dimple in his chin.... ahem!  You get my drift); I mean REALLY ironic.  I honestly didn't think that I gave Mr. Penhall another thought after Hansen and Ioki just disappeared from the show without a trace and Penhall quit the force to raise his nephew after almost dying taking a bullet to the head.  I mean, how much heartbreak can a teenager take???  Oh, I would soon realize that my heartbreak was nowhere NEAR over.  You see, filed away, back in the deep dark recesses of my subconscious, Officer Penhall took up residence unbeknown to me and I would get burned.... burned bad.  Not only do I JUST now realize that I actually married Officer Doug Penhall some 7 years after 21 Jump Street went off the air, but the creators of this oh-so-entertaining little ditty of a remake saw fit for me to watch both Hansen AND Penhall DIE!!!!  WTH?!?  Seriously..... W.....T.....H!?!

So, all I have to say now is that I'm heading out to buy this movie.  But understand this, creators of this super funny (on oh so many levels) remake of the show I adored as a teen, you will bring Officer Doug James Penhall back to life in the sequel or I will THROW my copy of the newly remade 21 Jump Street movie out the window.... or at the very least close my eyes while I fast forward through the very bad, bad parts at the end where YOU murdered the man of MY teenage dreams.  And then I might use the disc as a candle tray or something.  Maybe I'll use it to try and signal air crafts or hang it on my rear view mirror to blind passing cars...whatever, it will be bad.... do you understand?  Bring back Penhall or it will be very bad.  I think I have testified pretty clearly here as to the strength of my subconscious, so consider yourself warned.

**** OMG... the scene in the park was FREAKIN FUNNY!!!  I can't wait to see it again.  10 High Fives!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Seriously?!?!?!?! First we have Julie-- Team Edward and Danielle -- Team Jacob --- and NOW we have Danielle -- Team DeLuise -- and Julie -- Team Depp??!?!?!??!?! REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!?!! lol!! :)

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abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

OMG! This was seriously the funniest movie I have ever seen! I laughed the entire time! I totally have to go rent it and watch it again!