Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How About A Halloween Series???

OK, so I keep posting my Halloween makeup pics on Facebook and I keep getting comments about how weird I am.  Please let me assure you that while I certainly AM weird as all get out, the Halloween faces are NOT part of my weirdness.  Actually, it's really quite normal!  It's all because I ordered theatrical makeup this year for Halloween and ever since it arrived I've been compelled to play.... WOULDN'T YOU?!?  I mean, it's like getting a new toy.... it would be weird if I DIDN'T play with it!  Right?  And I suspect, like all new toys, this makeup will get "played out" and will eventually get old and I won't play with it as much (but let's hope not).  So until it does get old, how about we just say that I'm doing a "Halloween Series"?  That makes this whole "playin in the makeup" a little less weird.  Yes?  Alright!  Next up in the series:

This makeup reminds me of some sort of voodoo tribal makeup.... I feel like I need a necklace of bones around my neck... not an old ratty tee shirt!!!  And look how completely that white makeup covered!!! It even covered that ratty tee shirt (yes, I got it ALL over myself)!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Make sure, when you're getting ready for Halloween that you cover your costume prior to applying makeup OR wear an old button up shirt that you don't care if it gets messy.   Also, it's a good idea to use a few specialized brushes when applying your Halloween makeup... I've found it makes a world of difference.  For example, to apply the white foundation I used a foundation brush.  Now I already own the brush (which was SUPER FUN to clean afterward... NOT), but I know I only paid something like $4 for it at Walmart.  For the cracks and the mouth I used a really thin round detail brush (a #3 I think).  Again, it's one I already own, but it's a regular paint brush that I got at Michaels using a coupon.  I MAY have paid something like $2 for it.  And finally, I used a really cheap high density sponge to apply the black makeup around the eyes so that the edges were soft. The right tool really does make the job easier and application quick!!!

Well gang, I'm off.  Back to being weird!  LOL!

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