Monday, April 2, 2012

A Gluten Free Life

WOWOWOWOW!!!  So I HOPE you all are missin me!  I haven't been posting much lately because I've got my FULL focus on taking this weight off so that I can go wedding dress shopping.  The good news is that its working.  That bad news is, I'm discovering that gluten was the culprit for the problem in the first place!!!!

Years ago, after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I had a nutritionist tell me that I shouldn't be eating anything containing wheat and should probably stay away from oats as well.  She never explained exactly why or what it was doing to my body, she only said that there was strong evidence that people with chronic fatigue syndrom were sensative to wheat.  Not putting much stock into what I was told... I mean, come on, it wasn't like I broke out in hives or my breathing became restricted (and quite frankly, I didn't believe that I could live without my beloved bread and pasta), I continued eating what I was told I shouldn't have.  I THEN spent the next 12 years complaining, crying and yo-yoing with weight wondering what was wrong with me!?!  Well, after 7 weeks being 100% gluten free, I just ate quiche and cake containing gluten this past Saturday at a bridal shower..... beyond a shadow of a doubt in my heart and mind I can confirm that I am in fact gluten intolerant.

I won't go into details about what gluten intolerance looked like this past weekend (TMI and all that, you can read all about it HERE) but I WILL share what it didn't look like.  It was NOT comfortable.  And knowing what I know now, I can see why so many (myself included) would miss their body's signals... gluten intolerance symptoms can be so subtle and progressive.  I would have much preferred an immediate reaction even if it was restricted breathing and hives.  The other sad thing about this particular "allergy", for lack of a better word, is that there is no immediate remedy for the "allergic" reaction other than for your body to deal with it, get rid of it and heal from it.  At least with other food allergies, you can have a steroid shot that will give some sort of quick relief, gluten intolerance kept me in misery this entire weekend!!!  How long did I live like this???  Did I always feel this bad, really??? 

So in a nutshell, my lesson was learned.  I'm back to my happy gluten free life and I WON'T be going back!!!  Today is my weigh in at Curves for the Curves Complete program.... I'm nervous that I'm not yet past the consequences of my actions.  I'm praying that the scale is kind today!!!


Patty Mowery said...

Congrats and let us know how well you have done. Please share.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you girl!! Can't wait to see you again!!

Mara Gordon said...

Often in life it is our slips that help us stand back up the tallest.