Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Wow!  What an incredible birthday already!!!  So let me give you a little back story for those who may not know.  I am trying to get down to wedding-dress-shopping-weight and started the Curves Complete program at my Curves gym to get me there.  When they called this program "Complete", they were NOT joking!!!

This morning I went in to my Curves to take a Zumba class and decided to take a piece of the gluten free birthday cake I made yesterday with a copy of the recipe to my Curves Coach.  She looked at the recipe wide eyed and said, "I bet that you didn't gain a pound from this cake yesterday.  Let's see!  Jump on the scale!"  Now, YESTERDAY was my weekly weigh in, so you know that my current weight was fresh on everyone's mind and I'm not gonna lie here, I just about peed my pants when I stepped up on the scale to find that I lost an additional 2 pounds!!!  "See... that's great," she said, "eat cake and lose 2 pounds.  Not bad!  I'm not telling you to run out and gorge on cake, but I am saying that with a few tweaks to how you prepare food, you really can enjoy the things you love."  She is just an amazing coach and I'm so lucky to be a member at my Curves. 

On top of that amazing news, the girls that I work out with lavished me with hugs, gifts and happy birthday's.  Honestly, how much more complete could a program get?  The support I get at Curves is like NO OTHER!!!  I am so very lucky and even more grateful!!!  Ladies*, if you're looking to make positive changes, I HIGHLY recommend starting those changes at Curves.  There is nothing in the world like sharing a successful journey with ladies who are on the same path.  There is a certain bond that happens at Curves that is like no other gym or work out facility I can think of.  A little tip:  go into a Curves near you and ask for a free week... AND USE IT!!!   You will see exactly what I'm talking about! 

*Sorry gentlemen, Curves is a girls-only club!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So happy for your weight loss success! And Happy Birthday!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yay for you!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Becky Dunham said...

How sweet! Losing weight from your birthday cake - it can't get better than that :) I used to belong to Cuves and I loved it. That was years ago and I am definitely going to get back there. I am dying to try the Complete program with the Zumba! Hope you had a great birthday - sounds like you did :)

frances joy said...

happpy birthday!!