Sunday, July 4, 2010

US Governments... Acquire The Taste

This 4th of July has been seriously tainted for me... like it was exposed to E-coli! I have an unbelievable discouragement for our government, the American people and the state of our union that is just exacerbated by news reports that financially strapped states are proposing to require sales tax on items purchased online. This report aired minutes after a news report of local cities looking to cut MORE emergency services because our "local governments can't afford" to pay salaries. But yet, I drive down my own city's main street to see multi-million dollar government buildings being erected.**
I'M SICK OF IT!!! Why is no one talking about the REAL issue with our economy today???? Our governments are not being held accountable for their spending!!! Money is being wasted at a time when there IS NONE! And instead of our governments perfecting the fine art of budgeting (which REQUIRES that spending habits must change as financial flow changes), they continue their spending while looking for ways for their abusive spending to be funded... in the form of "cuts" (why would anyone cut emergency services right now?) and "taxes". But our government officials are STILL getting their raises, taking their vacations and wasting OUR money.

The rest of us have had to change our spending! Instead of steak, we now eat ground chuck. We cancelled vacations, took on second jobs and looked for ways to make our dollars stretch while government WILL NOT!!! GOVERNMENT: STOP proposing ANYTHING other than learning to make the most of the dollars you are ALREADY receiving! This July 4th, dig deep into the fabric that is supposed to make America great! When 80% or better of every tax dollar is only covering overhead... there is a problem that cannot be fixed with cuts anywhere but where the financial abuse lies. It cannot be fixed by throwing more money at it, because as the rest of us know (everyone but YOU, it seems), the more money you make, the more that gets spent. YOU (government) MUST LEARN WHAT THE REST OF US ARE LEARNING.... MAKE THE MOST OF THE DOLLARS YOU HAVE!!! STOP WASTING MONEY!!! Our economy has changed, the household spending has changed and so must YOUR spending. STOP LOOKING FOR OTHERS TO FUND THE CHANGES YOU REFUSE TO MAKE!!! LEARN TO EAT GROUND CHUCK! LEARN TO SPEND..... CORRECTLY!

** City of Chandler, AZ


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

I know what you're talking about ... it's the same here in Slovenia ... they even rised taxes! For example 40% of our gas price goes to our government ,... 40%!!! And at the same time billion euros are going for really stupid things ...Eh.

Blu11 said...

It seems it's the same everywhere... They are getting fatter and we are getting cuts and more taxes! :(