Friday, July 30, 2010

To Err Is Divine

The card pictured here is the result of a HUGE error! I started this card as a feature for the Stitch Challenge that ended up being cancelled over at The Town Scrapper because of our summer hiatus. But, while attempting to sew some stitches on the dress of this sweet little Sophie With Bear by Victoria Case, I accidentally sewed her legs right off.... good thing the challenge got cancelled... no telling who else could have been hurt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

When I began this little sewing adventure, I didn't take into account that because the image is so small that the small stitches would actually act as perforations to inevitably sever this poor girls legs completely off. So after about a half an hour of rolling on the floor laughing, I FINALLY pulled myself together enough to figure out how I was going to fix this project. I KNEW I could salvage this; so I nixed stitching her dress (although you can still see SOME of the tiny stitching I did on her bodice) and turned this into a cameo of sorts. I used the stitches as the frame for the card and finished off with a stitched ribbon. WHEW! That was close.... and incredibly FUN!!! Figuring out how I was going to fix my mistake was more fun than actually fixing it. And let's face it, the sheer joy of making the mistake in the first place was worth the price of admission!!! :D

The next time you flub up on a project you're working on, don't throw it out.... work it out! Find a way to use that mistake and turn it into something divine! There's a life lesson in there somewhere too! ;)

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ART OF NAIL said...

I think you dont have errors.. bec the card is so cute, how i wish i receive something like that card.. =)