Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Apologies

Ok all my beloved bloggers... I have been sorely neglecting all of you, I know! Life has been down right out of control for the past couple of months. After packing and moving, dealing with some disappointment that we all experience in life, and saying good-bye to loved ones, I'm finally getting things "back to normal". Actually, I'm working on getting everything "BETTER than normal".

I joined a new gym and am getting ready to start my scheduled Master Cleanse tomorrow! I unpacked and arranged my craft room and am working on getting the entire house RE-organized. Finally, I'm trying to grow my nails back out. Packing up my house resulted in broken nails and the drama, that always accompanies moving, got me gnawing at them. It's past time to chill out and let them grow back! Lucky for me, I JUST unpacked my Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth! I know one girl who will be having a manicure tonight! hahahahahaha!

Anyway gang, thanx so much for hangin in there with me and I'm so sorry that I've been so scarce this past couple of months. The new house and organizing challenges should make for some interesting upcoming posts... I hope you all stay tuned. I've got a really cute post going live tomorrow!!! :)


WriterMarie said...

Glad you're back and things are starting to get better!!! :o)

ART OF NAIL said...

I'm glad your back, looking forward to your new post.. I understand coz I also have a busy sched here at home... :)happy weekend! xo

Fay. H. said...

I'm glad you're doing well. Hope to see more blogging from you!

Best of luck,