Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Ornaments... Sparkly!

Well, I got a special request from someone to post how I made my wonderful sparkly ornaments. So here you go folks, it's a snap.

I'll start with the pictured items you'll need for this project (click on pictures to enlarge).

  • Pledge Floor Finish with Future Shine
  • Craft Glass Ornaments
  • Fine Glitter
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Hot Glue w/Gun (optional)
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Funnel (not pictured)
  • Bowl for trash/excess liquid (not pictured)

Carefully remove the metal top from the ornament. Don't pull too quickly or roughly as you can chip the glass. Squeeze about a tablespoon of the Pledge Floor Finish inside the ornament, cover the top with your thumb and gently shake until the entire inside of the globe has been covered with the floor finish. Empty excess floor finish into trash bowl. Place the funnel in the top of the ornament and pour another tablespoon of glitter into the ornament. Cover with your thumb again and shake until the entire inside of the ornament is covered in glitter and set (it's about 2-4 minutes of shaking). Replace the metal ornament cap. And you're done!

Now as you can see from the pictures, I added some embellishments. While the glitter ornaments are pretty on their own, the embellishments add a sweet and personal touch. I just bought some mini ornaments and ribbon. I also cut out the word "Joy" on a piece of thin cardstock/patterned paper on my Cricut. I used Mod Podge to "decoupage" the word "Joy" to the ornament. The wonderful thing about Mod Podge is that it goes on white and dries clear (and with a pretty sheen), it's also wet enough to saturate the paper word "Joy" so that it will mould to the ornament and be completely attached when it dries. After about an hour, I applied a second coat of Mod Podge and let the ornament dry over night. I then hot glued bows and embellishments to the metal tops of my ornaments. Super simple and beyond cute! Another wonderful idea is to use glass paints to decorate the ornaments (I love those metallic paints) as well as etching liquid.... just a couple more ideas. Have fun with this and Happy Holidays.

*** Thank you to Happy Happy Joy Joy from Christmas with the Cricut for your wonderful how-to video! You can check it out here:

*** Also, you can a find a Gypsy cut file for this cute little box that I made that happens to fit this ornament perfectly HERE!


Anonymous said...

I saw the instruction or link to the instruction on the mb and another person's video. You took the ornament to a different level so I thank you kindly! I love the colors that you used for the ornament. Thanks again for all that you do!

Oh, the box is a clever idea to recycle the same file and for it to fit the ornament perfectly! You are spoiling us and I LOVE IT!!


FitterTwit said...

Mercy... you are too kind! But feel free to keep it coming! hahahahaha! LOL. Happy Happy Joy Joy's video ROCKED!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Box, Purses, etc. post on Dec. 18, 2009. Thanks again.

ceebee said...

nothing like making your own ornaments.

Judy said...

wow! I like christmas ornament and box cut file. Come visit my blog.

Magoo said...

This so pretty! I NEVER get tired of seeing your work :) :)

if i were to use modge podge 'sparkle' (I think it's called that) would it work?

next year I'm going to cover my tree with those little beauties! thank you for the great tips :)

FitterTwit said...

OMGosh... you are sooo nice! I'm not familiar with Modge Podge Sparkle, but if it's like regular Mod Podge but with sparkle added, I would think that it would work the same. All the mod podge does is act as a clear glue that is used for decoupage mainly. Because it dries clear, it's great for this particular project. HTH.