Monday, December 7, 2009

Stitch Ribbon

I FINALLY finished the stitch ribbon Gypsy cut file! It has taken me forever to get those "stitches" just right. My first attempt ended up with "stitches" that were just too far apart, but I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I used a little "hello" butterfly stamp and then colored it in with a green glaze pen. Other than the glazed butterfly and the flower, the "ribbon" is the only other thing to make this card pop.

I used the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge to make the "ribbon"... I'm hoping that most everyone has that cart (didn't it come with the expression?). Anyhow, I hope everyone likes this. You can find the file for this download at the top right margin of my blog along with instructions to download.

And just for fun... here's a card made with the "ribbon" I nixed. Can't waist those mistakes!<---there's a life lesson in that somewhere! LOL!


Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with us all ... Jane xx

Anonymous said...

Pretty card and thank you! Now, I have to leave you a message on the board concerning ENABLER!! lol


FitterTwit said...

Thank YOU Jane! :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Mercy, you crack me up! :D

Magoo said...

Hi Sweetie!! I LOVE this stitching~I will definitely be trying this out!!! thank you for sharing it!! :) :)