Friday, October 9, 2009


Never underestimate the heart of a volunteer. You see, the volunteer is on a personal mission and is present and participating out of want, not need. A volunteer is service in it's purest form and to discount a volunteer means that you are putting aside the best of the best. I watched a Beth Moore Bible study the other day on TV and she was talking about witnessing a room full of volunteers. I belly laughed HARD as she recounted how these volunteers were all elderly and not a one of them complained about ANY job that needed to be done. I laugh as I think about employees that I have witnessed (yes, including myself) going to work, complaining about this or that and, "Oh I'm soooo tired!" And then to hear Beth Moore describe these strong, healthy, vibrant, elderly but youthful volunteers, was really something quite funny. But it's a funny thing about our society.... volunteers (for some weird reason) have a bad rap. Why do I hear, "They're JUST a volunteer." Why are we looking down our noses at the people who are working behind the scenes to make it all happen asking NOTHING in return. Don't get me wrong, they are getting their rewards for their jobs well done, but they're rewards are beyond monetary. How cool is that? The jobs that they are doing, the ones that others see as so menial, are actually so important to them that they would do it without pay. Would you do your job without pay? The next time you get the pleasure of working with a volunteer, remember that YOU are costing your company more to be there, you might want to check to be sure that the volunteer isn't out-working you.

I am blessed to think that I may be on the verge of FINALLY understanding the heart of a volunteer.

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