Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bits and Pieces.

Sometime back I received pieces of a Stampin Up stamp set that I've never really used and couldn't throw away. Right after I got my Cricut machine, I made the cutest paper lion from the sampler cartridge I got with my Cricut. I didn't know what to do with this lion but I kept him. A few months back I made a welcome sign that I intended to cut at 4 inches and forgot to turn the size dial on my Cricut; I ended up cutting a pretty shabby looking welcome sign at 1 1/2 inches instead.... I saved it. The other day I cut out the silhouette of a sun and (of course) saved the scraps. So here is today's projects.... I lovingly call this one Bits and Pieces. This card is the reason that scrappers save EVERYTHING!!!

I bought the brand new Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge at Michaels Craft Store a couple of weeks ago when the cartridges were on sale for #39.99. That's right folks! I got one of the BRAND NEW cartridges for $39! I couldn't believe it. And when I opened up the box, looked through the idea book and saw a "zoo" sign, I immediately ran to my "Bits and Pieces" box (you know all you scrapper have one... some have many!) in search of this lion who never found a home. Long story short, this card was destined from the day I received my Cricut. And with the "welcome" sign posted in the grass on this card, it doesn't look quite so shabby. The stamp set pieces worked great for creating the green area and make it look like there's foliage. And the sun is very well proportioned on the card too. Yep, this one turned out great and a "welcome to the zoo" card will come in handy to give to a coworker! And a coworker is sure to take notice with the 3 dimensional "Zoo" popping off the card. Yep, this one is a winner.... if for no other reason than I got to use some of the bits and pieces. And how much cuter would this card be if I had the lion saying "Arrrrrrr" (like he's growling) in a word bubble placed under the zoo sign so the play on words will say, "Zoo Arrrrr Welcome"! THAT would be a cute card too! Yah, I LOVE bits and pieces!!!

Don't forget everyone.... tomorrow is the last day to enter Cutting Above's Gypsy give away. Click here for details. Also, be sure to check out everyones comments on the give away posting... you will crack up! Some of them are hilarious! Good luck to everyone. Something tells me that we are ALL going to be missing some sleep tomorrow night! hahahahaha!

Ok... you KNOW I had to....
UPDATE: I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge and cut out a word bubble and stamped "Arrr" like the lion is growling. So now the card reads, "Zoo Arrr Welcome"! I love this even more!!!! Keep those bits and pieces folks!!!

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