Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Color Wash Fun

Today's post is brought you by the letter "F"... as in FREAKIN GREAT!!! I did another color wash (I LOVE that technique) like the one I did for the cd cover. But this time I also embossed the paper while it was still slightly wet. Click on pic to enlarge. The emboss turned out amazing and this card is just beyond beautiful. I kept everything else on the card monochromatic so that the paper could stay the focal point. I will recap the steps for the background paper.
I started with a sheet of Stampin Up's confetti cardstock. I stamped it with a Tim Holtz "Postale" stamp in grey ink. I then did a color wash using Ranger's Adirondack Pearl Acrylic paints mixed with water in Slate with a smidge of Terra Cotta (I actually soak a sponge applicator in water and then add a pea size amount of paint directly to the sponge and then smear, smudge and splash away! There's no wrong way to color wash. The messier you are the nicer the outcome. Be sure to cover your work surface though... it does get messy). I waited for it to dry most of the way, but while the paper was still pliable, I cranked it through the cuttlebug with a Fiskars texture plate (leather). I then let the paper dry completely. For the final treatment, I edged with brown ink and then smudged black around the edges using my fingers. Definitely color wash fun!
So I sit here with ink stained fingers and a smile. That is all. I'm realizing that this Gypsy has been the start of something that I don't think I can stop anytime soon... hahahahahaha! I love my Gypsy. Thank you Cutting Above!

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