Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Other Side of The Fence

Well, as many of you know, I won a FREE Gypsy. I was super excited. A couple of days before my name was drawn, I joined the message board to try and gather all the info I could on the use of this wonderful new machine that was to be used with the Cricut. You see, I had heard about the Gypsy, the contest I entered and about the HSN launch of this new product from all the blogs of Provo Craft's (the makers of the Cricut and the Gypsy) devoted and loyal fans screaming about this anticipated product. September 23rd (the night of the launch) there were MANY video streams of fans and followers recording themselves WAITING for the product to air at 12:01 a.m. on the 24th. Women were getting together at each other's houses for all night parties, and joining online chats and message boards... it was seriously crazy to me, but the excitement was contagious and I caught the "bug" days before when I entered the contest to win the Gypsy. So there I was waiting for the Gypsy to air. I watched as the Gypsy sold out before the end of the first day's airing. Then I watched as the excitement grew on the video streams and message boards and chat rooms. Woman after woman video taped themselves opening the package when it arrived (a couple days later) and using the machine for the first time. I remember thinking that this marketing, while free to Provo Craft, was invaluable and that they must be a pretty great company to have such a following. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Fast forward to two days ago. I was on the Cricut message board (yah, you could find me there quite a bit since receiving my new Gypsy) when I heard the news that Gypsy was available on HSN again... THIS TIME the second wave of buyers were going to get a bundle that included an (unofficially)exclusive cartridge called Destinations that cannot be gotten ANY PLACE ELSE and, in fact, pics of the artwork weren't even released for viewing. On top of this amazing deal for the second wave of buyers, coupons that were not permitted for use for the launch, were now being allowed for use so the second wave of buyers were paying less for more (the exclusivity of the cartridge being that "more"). I was in shock! The devoted Cricut raving fans, the ones who directly and indirectly, drove the second wave of buyers (only two weeks earlier) ended up losing in a big way. As of yet, I haven't seen or heard Provo Craft say that they have or will do something to make this right. I feel VERY BAD for the devoted followers. I feel really bad that I got swept up in the excitement of this surreal world and feel every bit as let down as if it had happened to me. Provo Craft has created a situation where if ANYONE with a product that is comparable comes out on the market ANYTIME soon, I think these Cricut followers would make the switch. Especially if that company offered a trade program. It would cost that company a little in the beginning, but remember, these loyal followers started with Provo Craft (alot of them being fans from the very beginning) and are directly responsible for what Provo Craft is today. What they did for Provo Craft, they would happily do for someone else who would honor their contributions. Some of these followers are invested FAR BEYOND any monetary investment. Provo Craft forgot that..... Provo Craft forgot them. Now might be the BEST time to meet them on the other side of the fence.


LynneF said...

Sorry don't agree with you.
I think they have been more than fair. Early adopters always deal with issues with new technology. I think folks forget this is technology not just another papercrafting tool

If you do not want to deal with issues with new technology do not be an early adopter.

I personally absolutely love and adore my Gypsy and feel it is an amazing product for the initial version.

There launch is very much like other new technolog launches.

Look at initial iphone launch. Very similar situation there but for a lot more money.
The initial iphone did not have all that was promised but was added later as PC is doing with the Gypsy.

FitterTwit said...

Lynne thank you so much for your comment. But my post wasn't about the technology. My post was about customer appreciation. But since you brought it up, I will mention that I am not THAT person either. I don't accept that I SHOULD have less than what was promised if an item doesn't perform the way I was told it would (ESPECIALLY if I paid for it). To me, that is like spending $300-$400 for a couch that is missing a leg. In this case I didn't know any better and was blessed with something I didn't have to pay for... I love my Gypsy.... but I also don't own Design Studio.