Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 Halloween Give Away

The winner of Fun And Mental Changes' Halloween Healthy Dessert Give Away will be announced shortly.....
But while you're waiting, here's a little eye candy for ya! The best kind of candy us healthy eaters can have... hahahahahaha! Enjoy! You can click on the pic to enlarge. These craft projects are a result of my own blog give away winnings. We can all thank the lovely ladies over at Cutting Above for inspiring all of this SUPER FUN eye candy! LOL!
All you crafters out there... check out Cutting Above, they are so great!


maggie said...

Hi! Just checkin' in on you! LOVE this card! It has a very cool "feel" to it....and I love the "strength" says it all. Hope you are loving your Gypsy!

FitterTwit said...

AWE!!! You guys are just the coolest!!! Thank you!