Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scrapbook Project - Rolodex

Here is a project I started some time ago and am working to complete today. Thought everyone would enjoy seeing the progress so far...

Due to the very poor pictures, I am going to narrate what each card says so you know how the story goes. It has a GREAT ending. Cinderella's got nothing on me! LOL

Every alphabet index card in the Rolodex has another piece to a fairytale starring ME! I moved all the blank cards to the back of the Rolodex just to show how great this looks with all the miscellaneous ribbon pokin out everywhere!

A-B is of course "once upon a time"!

C-D is "in a land not so far away, there lived a beautiful princess".

E-F is "and her name was Danielle".

G-H is "she was very thin and wicked funny".

I-J-K says, "One day Princess Danielle found a key in the forest and it was attached to a beautiful red ribbon."

L-M says, "Anxious to discover what it opened, she put it around her neck and continued on her way."

N-O-P says, "Soon Princess Danielle realized she was lost and sat on a rock to await Prince Charming's rescue."

Q-R says, "After some time a handsome man on a white horse appeared inquiring about the key around Princess Danielle's neck."

S-T says, "Are you Prince Charming? she asked. 'No, I'm Prince Kevin and that key around your neck opens the lock securing my treasure."

U-V-W says, "Marry Me and I will make you very rich!

'I am a princess and am already rich...' said Princess Danielle."

X-Y-Z says, "But I will marry you!' With that Princess Danielle kissed her prince and to her surprise he turned into a toad. She lived happily ever after!"

Moral of the story: some princesses don't need prince charming to live happily ever after! I hope you all liked it. I know I had a blast making it. Almost done!

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