Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Obsession

Well, after years of having my nails done by a professional, my finances dictate that I need to care for my own nails (that is, no more fake nails!). At first I thought this was HORRIBLE! I had my standing nail appointment for years. Prior to having them done professionally I bit them. No, I mean I really bit them... like as far back as I can remember having teeth, I remember biting my nails. So imagine my predicament. I have never taken care of my own nails and, in the past, if my real nails were exposed for any amount of time they were gnawed off. But I did it! I have been polishing and caring for my own nails now for about 7 months and I'm loving it. In fact, it's a new obsession (still second to sunglasses)! I read someones blog that stated the best way to keep from biting your nails is to care for them. I am here to tell you, after 25+ years of biting my nails, that statement is true!

So after breaking three nails and reading that "vampie" colors look great on short nails, I decided to give it a go. Aside from the fact that I kind of stink at polishing such a dark color, they look great don't they. But I DO miss the length!
This pic is what they looked like at my longest length. I just did them for St. Patty's Day!! :(
Look how beautiful they were.... I worked so hard on them too! I used OPI's Get Me To The Taj On Time with a Konad stamp on top. I read some blogs today that talk about using regular polish on the Konad stamp set, but I use nail art paint that I can buy at a local beauty supply store for $1. It works great and I can put my top coat on immediately without having to wait for the image to set up. I've only had the stamper set for a short while, but I'm having tons of fun with it with more image discs on the way! Oh well, I know I didn't lose a ton of length, but it's the most I've ever had without the help of sculps. And even though they're short, they are still gorgeous with this new color, so no complaints! :)

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