Friday, February 20, 2009

Master of The Obvious

You know, I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I really do miss the obvious... ALWAYS! My sister and I have been in discussion after discussion regarding what we feel the best diet is. After reading The China Study, my sister is convinced that a 100% raw diet is the way to go. I do NOT feel this way as my health has been completely turned around prescribing to a life centered around balance (I'm sorry, I have removed "balance" from my vocab. I meant harmony), balance of rest and play, balance of work and family, balance of protein and carbs, etc. The person in me knows that I am happiest when I have a little bit of everything and no one portion or area out weighs another. I also know that Leviticus Chapter 11 goes into great detail about meat that we can eat and meat that we cannot eat. But after reading The China Study, my sister is convinced that all meat is bad. I made the point that due to the fact that farmers do not give the ground a rest after 7 years (Exodus 23:10-11) and our ground is polluted that crops (even organic) are depleted of nutrients and can potentially be harmful depending on where they are grown. Which we never really know. While The China Study focused on the effects of consuming meat, claiming it to be bad, the same could hold true for the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Where is our line drawn. So, back to Captain Not-So-Obvious!

I'm explaining "the great debate" to my chiropractor. I explained my sister's views on the subject of a proper diet and then I explained mine. I told him that if we just know how our food is grown/raised and how it is processed/harvested, I believe that a balance of food is meant to work together in the body to make us healthy. My chiropractor asked, "So your sister isn't eating ANY meat? Did you explain to her what it says in the Bible?" I told him that I did but that I believe many people are convinced what is in the old testament doesn't apply. I do not believe that. After a second of thought, he replied, "Yah, I don't believe it either. If we weren't to have meat, why did God give us canine teeth? I mean, if we were meant to be like hippos, wouldn't we have teeth like hippos?" The man is a genius!

How do I miss the most obvious things? The simplest of explanations completely elude me. Since I believe that one should find their own truth, I will reserve that epiphany for an appropriate discussion down the road. In the meantime, isn't it amazing how incredibly designed we are? How nature holds the simplest of clues that we often miss. Well, I know I did! Complete genius!!!
Oh, and P.S., the model for the AMA "mouth" pic shown above should really do something about those cavities in their molers... just kidding!
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