Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raw and Totally Sexy!

I just completed the Master Cleanse. Wow, that is always so tough, but sooo good for you! Your skin looks better, you have more energy, you're healthier, all of your senses are heightened, what could be sexier? Ok, so the cleanse itself... not so sexy, but the aftermath is just awesome! So to continue all that sexiness, I am incorporating raw food into my diet. I have already made almond milk, and gelato. I have even substituted raw, or rather organic because they are not "raw" once they reach over 115 degrees, ingredients into some foods that I have cooked (pancakes) because the organic ingredients are full of nutrients with no preservatives. And this is really fun experimenting with my husband. He is having a blast tasting this and that. He has even agreed to let me buy a food dehydrator for the purpose of preparing more mouth watering treats. But sexy is as sexy does, so I will keep everyone posted how this fun and mental change goes for me.

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