Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning.... My Car


I have no idea WHAT has gotten into me as of late, but I have had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to get stuff in order.  My house... well, that is still a work in progress.  My car.... THAT is finished I'm proud to say.  It took me a couple of days, but I'm all done.  And I'll "show you around" my car over the next post.  The reason I'm splitting this into parts is because I don't want to make this too long and tackling a big project like this is always made easier by breaking it up into smaller bits.  That is how I took on this project, and that is how I'll present it to you.  I'll start from the front and work my way to the back.

Spring cleaning is not really describing this project accurately.  While I did give my car a good scrub inside and out, the most important piece to this project really was the organization.  The inside being a mess of "stuff" is what led me to want to clean in the first place.  So I started in the glove box.

Now I love before and after pics just as much as the next person.... seeing someone else's "before" mess and judging them on their inability to run their life is always a blast.  What I'm NOT hip on is sharing my own inability to run my life and embarrassing myself by showing it.  So THIS spring clean project is only featuring the "after" pics.  That's what's really important after all, right?!?  Wouldn't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a glove compartment that ONLY had 5 things in it (with a bonus 6th item)???  The before scene was GROSS, just trust me on this!  I counted 15 different things crammed into this tiny space.  Some of those things were multiples (how many pens does one person need?)!  Well, all the pens are removed and have a new home and now there's only 5 things with a bonus 6 numbered in the picture above (click on pics to enlarge):
1.  Imma Girl:  there is my Bath and Body Works body spray
2.  Earrings:  again, I'm a girl so I have a small box with a collection of different colored earrings because you never know when you might have an earring emergency.  I SERIOUSLY walk out of the house without earrings all the time.
3.  Car Manual and Warranty Info:  self explanatory.
4.  BRILLIANCE:  accordion envelop which now holds all other paperwork that I always piled into the glove compartment.  Of course, because there was never any "system" to the madness... when I had to find something car related, it was always a chore to sift through the contents of my glove compartment!  Now all my service tickets are together under "T", registration is under "R", tire receipts under "T" and I even found the lifetime warranty on my window tinting which is handy because I've been noticing peeling.  And I won't go into detail about the tire receipt that saved me $326 on a tire at Discount Tire.  Ok, maybe I will.... BECAUSE I had my receipt and decided to drive around on a flat tire, I only had to pay $26 for a replacement tire.... but that was after an entire day sifting through the paperwork crammed into the glove box.  Now it's nice, neat and pretty:

5.  Tire Pressure Gauge:  this is a GREAT thing to have.... IF you're going to use it.  If you're NOT going to use it, keep your tire receipts.... see above.

6.  My Leg:  Ok, this is my leg that got in the pic.  But my actual bonus item is napkins.  Now, I call this a bonus item because I don't NEED napkins here, but they were already in there and I didn't want to waste them.  You'll see in my post tomorrow that I actually have tissue AND paper towel stowed in different areas of my car.  Having those napkins in this super tidy glove box is NOT a necessity and when they are gone, I WON'T be replacing them (says the woman who thinks now that her car is finally clean and organized she's never going to eat in the car ever again).

Ok, that about does it for today.  Tomorrow I'll be back with more fun car storage ideas.... stay tuned.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you my friend!!!!!!!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

My glove box is sooo full of stuff! I'm afraid to clean it out! keep it up! Carri~Abusybee