Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Such a Dork!!!

OMGosh you guys!  I am SOOOOO embarrassed!!!  This here is this week's submission to Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls that I'm posting SOOOOO late!!!  Not because the project wasn't done (it was done over a week ago), but because I DROPPED my camera which loosened the SD card inside and had NO IDEA what was wrong!  My computer kept telling me that it couldn't find any of my files.  I honestly thought I had lost everything.  Imagine my delight when the SIMPLE discovery of my SD card being dislodged brought ALL my pics and videos back when the card was snapped back into place.  WOW!  Two days of scrambling... but I'm here to share my experience so if it ever happens to you, you will know how to fix it and quick.

So while late, here is my project for Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls bi-weekly challenge.  This week's challenge is to create a project inspired by scary kids or scary kid's films.  MY project is actually inspired by scary kids and their scary dolls!  HAHAHAHHAHA!  If you've never seen Living Dead Dolls, then you are in for a treat with this post (click on the link for some scary goodness).  I have such an affinity for these dolls.  Inspired by traditional kiddie stuff and then morphed into creepy, scary, cute and VERY DEAD DOLLS!!!  I LOVE IT!  This is totally up my alley and takes me back to when I was young and first watched a young girl's doll come to life and attack her abusive father on The Twilight Zone!!!  Come on, I know you all remember that one!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Alright, that is it for my terribly late post.  If ever your computer is telling you it cannot read your camera or find any of your files, check the memory card first.  And if ever you are looking for the perfect scary dollie for a friend or loved one, check out Living Dead Dolls.  And finally, if you are ever looking for a great place for crafty inspiration (with a twist) and fun challenges to join in on, check out Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls.  Swing by and check out what the rest of the design team created for you THIS time!!!


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, what a cute, cute card!

frances joy said...

ahhh super cute!!! like! like!!!!

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

awesome stamp image & card! were's it from? the stampcompany :)