Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who's Gonna Win???

Ok... here are the 10 followers that are in the running for the AWESOME prize haul pictured:

  • 1.) fiery

  • 2.) Fay. H.

  • 3.) Blanche

  • 4.) Tiskinha

  • 5.) ART OF NAIL

  • 6.) Ggggg

  • 7.) Fisiwoman

  • 8.) moonrabbit

  • 9.) Wife2TJ

  • 10.) Kat
Now it's time to tally all the entries. Once I've tallied the entries, the winner can be drawn. I'll let you all know as soon as I know! Good Luck you guys!!!! Who's Gonna Win???? This is SO exciting!!!!


fiery said...

this is sooo EXCITING!!! omg, yay!! i'm on the top 10!!!!! xD

can't wait to see who wins!! goodluck to everyone!!


Blanche said...

Hooray I´m also in top 10 :-) I want to know who´s the winner!

ART OF NAIL said...

waaaah I'm on the list... Goodluck to us! :)

Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

Haha... I loved doing the giveawy! But it would have been nice to have the CAC. Especially to make some projects. It was my first giveawy, so I'll remeber for next time. of my followers has sent me a CAC. How sweet:D

Fay. H. said...

Can't wait for the results! Good luck everyone!