Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revenge Of The Nail Biter

So I know that I haven't posted in quite some time.  Actually, I've been a wee bit busy with my husband who sustained an injury at work (he's a police officer and for those of you even thinking of being with a police officer.... MAKE SURE you know EXACTLY what you're getting into.  I would NEVER EVER want any other husband and if I knew then what I know now I would DEFINITELY do it again, but I also know that I'm not the typical girl.  I'm a red head with a lot of "spunk" and was being "groomed" to marry this man long before I met him.  It is because of this man that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God and he loves me.  Ok, I'm done with the gush!  That was quite a long gush.  I think I may have achieved some kind of world record for the use of these parenthesis....hahahahaha) and has been recovering after corrective surgery.  It has been a long road for him and here we are working to get him "back".  Back to a positive mindset and back into working-order, so to speak.  Well, all that havoc brought ME back to a place I thought I long since left behind me.... I started biting my nails again!!!

My husband had a disc replaced in his back.  They went in through his abdomen, moved all his organs and replaced his L5 disc with a prosthetic over the course of a 5 hour surgery.  So you can imagine how my little nervous habit that I thought I long since overcame reared its ugly head.  My nails were down to nubs and have JUST NOW grown out enough to attempt a manicure.  But they are dreadfully short!!!  Welp here they are, my pathetically short nails.  But at least they are growing back and it seems that I've quit biting them again.  Honestly, I really hate that disgusting habit!!!  But here's the BEST part of this manicure (not exactly better than my husband making it successfully through surgery).... it features the new Don't Talk Bach To Me from OPI's new Germany line!!!  I am so in love with this color!!!  There are actually a few colors that I'm gaga over in this line and it was the PERFECT thing to bring me back to life (to see some TERRIFIC swatches of the new OPI colors, click HERE).  So here I am gang.... I'm back!!! 

This manicure also features Konad special polish in black and a stamped image from Konad image plate M64.  And for the base coat on this mani I used my beloved Nail Aid Instant Wrap hoping to get the assistance of a little strength while I try to grow these puppies back out! I already broke my middle fingernail if that's any indication how weak they are after gnawing on them for so many weeks. Whew!  I can honestly say that I feel whole again now that I have a little length and a pretty manicure.  Hopefully another few weeks of growth will help me forget the little stint where I bit my nails again.  YUCK!!!

Have a great one gang!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Stop biting!! lol!! I know, I know... easier said than done!! HA!!! Glad honey is doing better and I think your nails look beautiful!! Don't forget...stop by on the 20th ;)

Patty Mowery said...

Wishing your husband a continued speedy and safe recovery. Let them nails grow girlfriend. You do them so nice and boo-to-ful that you must get them ready for Halloween.
Missing you,