Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Serious High Five!

Ok you guys.... it has been awhile since I've reviewed/recommended a product, but with summer here, a high-five just couldn't be put off.  My high-five for today isn't just for one product, it's for THREE products and a GENIUS YouTuber's video!!!

Since I was a teenager I've suffered with dry cracked heels and have used EVERYTHING on the market to combat the problem... well, so I thought.  Then I stumbled upon the video below and it honestly changed my life.  I know, we hear that all the time in the corniest of commercials, but this time it's really true.  Only if you've suffered with this painful problem can you appreciate what a life WITHOUT the problem would look like and how very "changed" it would be!!!  So check out the video below.  It's a long one, but she discusses all the well known treatments for the condition ending the video with some products that really do work: 

I have been using the products listed at the end of this video for less than a week and have ALREADY seen a complete turn around in my feet. I've even stopped doing my nightly regimen as my feet feel soft and smooth all day now!!! I'm hoping that I can eventually get away with only having to "sand down" my feet once a month.... wouldn't that be wonderful!?!

Ok, so to recap the video, I now sand my dry feet with medium grit drywall mesh.  I then wash my feet with antibacterial soap, rinse well and dry thoroughly.  Next, I apply the Flexitol to the affected areas.  Finally I apply Vaseline with Cocoa Butter and put on fluffy, comfy socks.  Viola.... sheer perfection!!!  Let me know if anyone out there gives this a try!!! :)

*** While this process really does work like a charm, I'm not a fan of Vaseline and am currently looking for a "healthier" alternative.  I'll update this post when I find it.***

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhh I need to try this!!!!!