Monday, June 25, 2012

Punch Storage Alternative

The other day I posted my rubber/clear stamp storage (click HERE for post) where I place all my stamps on cling foam (if applicable) and stored them in numbered cd cases that are then cataloged in a binder with the stamped images along side the number of the cd case they can be found and the name/maker of the stamp set..... WHEW!!!  Seems like a lot, but honestly, when your stamps are organized this way soooooooooo much time is saved and you never have to worry about not being able to find a stamp!!!  Well..... how about a similar solution for your punches.  Some crafters I know have A TON of punches, and I prefer the IKEA punch storage (click HERE to see), but if you don't have a lot of wall space, the back of a door will do in a snap!!! 

Those nifty over the door shoe organizers are super affordable and will do the trick in a jiffy!!!

From plastic to canvas to mesh.... there are plenty of styles to choose from!!!  Then, punch all your punches using scrap paper and catalog them much like I did with my stamps.  Assigning numbers to each one of the pockets (from left to right, each row.... or however makes it easy for you) makes cataloging easy and relieves the stress of pouring through all your punches to find THE ONE punch you need.  It's always the LAST one you pick up, isn't it?!?  So here's a peek at some catalog pages:

Pretty cool huh???  Each pocket in the organizer is numbered that corresponds with the punch that can be found in it.  When a punch is needed, simply look in your catalog, locate the punch you want and you will know EXACTLY where to find it!  Easy Peasy.

Welp that's it for tonight.... clearly I'm in an organizing mood.  I keep thinking about different ways to keep things Feng Shui and keep our Chi moving!!!  Let me know if anyone out there has some fun organizational suggestions! FitterTwit out!

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You are AWESOME-sauce!!!!