Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Hair Tutorial

Well.... The Spectrum Noir Design team is off and running with the newly active Spectrum Noir blog going strong!!!  Today is my day to feature and after a few glitches.... namely that I fell asleep last night and missed some pretty important emails, I'm finally up and running this morning!  Whew!  Don't you just love new beginnings??? hahahahahaha!  I'm super excited to share yet ANOTHER hair highlight.  So see my original Hair Tutorial Click HEREI just love coloring hair and those perfectly placed streaks that gives my colored images a bit of realism. Today I want to spend a little time reviewing exactly what gives you the ‘perfect’ hair.  We'll just call this a follow up to my original tutorial (instead of overkill).  I promise, it will be worth it!

This image was a FUN one to color simply because its pretty much ALL hair!!!  The Spectrum Noir colors I used on the hair were TN2, TN5, TN9, EB3 and EB8.  I started the hair by simply filling in the entire head of hair with the lightest color using the bullet nib.  Color used:  TN2.  If you are someone who does better to color from darkest to lightest, don’t fret, these markers work just as well going from dark to light, I just prefer to color hair going light to dark.  Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials on how to color hair from dark to light.  For the purposes of this project, I simply “scribbled” in the lightest color using a quick but light stroke.  See pic below.

Next, using a flicking stroke and the bullet nib again, I began adding my next darkest color:  TN5.  I said in my last tutorial, and I’ll say it again, if you stopped after only these two colors, you’d have a pretty sharp looking image.  But to add a couple darker colors will give you depth of color.  As you advance with your coloring, you will get quite a bit more confident with your color choices.  Luckily, Spectrum Noir’s color numbering system makes the whole process a SNAP!!!

 Here I add the darker colors using the same flicking stroke being sure to only add the darker color where I “see” shadows in the hair.  The colors used here is TN9, EB3 and EB8, layering each one to add a bit more dimension.  EB8 was ONLY used to add a dark shadow where the pony tail gathers.  Be careful with the darkest colors.... a little goes a LONG way.

 I finished her hair off by going over the whole thing with the first color that I used.  This final step blends all the colors and softens any harsh lines that I may have flicked while I was coloring.  Always be sure to use a light touch when coloring with Spectrum Noir markers. 

 Ok, there you have it.... another peek at how I color “streaky” hair.  I will be sure to practice the dark to light method so that no one feels left out... hehehe.  Have a great one, we look forward playing with you again soon here at Spectrum Noir!!!

All colors used:  TN2, TN5, TN9, EB3 and EB8 - Hair
                          EB3, CT1, CR7 and PP2 - Flowers
                          PP4, CR7 and DR5 - Collar


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ooopppssss on falling asleep!! I loveeeeee your card... loving the colors and the bling!!

Krista said...

:) so happy this is up and running finally!