Friday, February 11, 2011

A Rumor

So this weekend at Paper Vineyard in Chandler, AZ the craft world is getting together to hang out with Els of Elizabeth Crafts!!!  There are some pretty awesome projects planned THIS WHOLE WEEKEND!!!  Projects featuring Gel Pens and Glitter.... ah, the beloved glitter.  But it's ALSO rumored that a particular (and oh-so-popular) demonstration is going to take place:

Els will be demoing the special outline stickers on tape WITH the glitter and.... wait for it, wait for it.....
Copics!!!!  To see more of what I'm talking about, click HERE!!!  A special thanx to Inspiration Blooms for displaying all the pics from Elizabeth Crafts booth at CHA this year (the pic posted above included) on her blog!!! 

So yah, I'm an alcohol ink addict.  I don't need to remind all of you about my alcoholism.  I might just go ahead and form a support group for my addiction.  Anyone interested in joining me?  Please know, that when I say "support group", I mean that I intend on supporting your Copic alcohol ink habit and employ a 12-step program that will ENABLE you further with your affliction!  Anyone want support?  HAHAHAHAHA!


Pam Wendt said...

Well, I think that I am already a full-fledged member of that particular 12 step recovery group! Can't wait for Els's classes this weekend! :o)

Debra said...

Wow these are gorgeous, I have never seen these before. Most of all I wanted to comment on how jealous I am of you going to/being in Arizona. I live in the Midwest where hell has officially frozen over LOL! TFS girl, can't wait to see what you post after your intervention, I mean...get together :)