Thursday, February 24, 2011

For My Alcohol Ink Loving Friends....

Ok you guys.... I've told you all that I've labelled myself as an alcoholic because of my OBSESSION with the alcohol inks and the Copic Markers; I've also shared that I am starting a club for us alcoholics, well..... it's official.  Alcohol Inks Anonymous is underway, set to begin next month with a 12 step program to take you from beginner, to novice, to master in 12 easy steps.  While this is geared for Copic marker lovers... we will delve into EVERYTHING alcohol inks!  I'm perfecting the curriculum now and have already set up our "meetings" to take place (ironically) Fridays at Happy Hour!  DON'T LAUGH!!!  Ok, you can laugh... since our meetings will be held at a vineyard... Paper Vineyard that is!  I think it's hysterical that there is a whole "alcohol" theme that is just sort of happening all on it's own!  LOL!  But we are making the distinction that this meeting is Alcohol Inks Anonymous as we don't want anyone to mistakenly show up for support of a totally different type of alcohol addiction.  That would not be good!  But if you're into alcohol ink and would like to jump into a club that will definitely support your habit, check out Paper Vineyard's schedule in March to let the healing begin!!!! hahahahahahaha! Registered & Protected

The club program and publication is registered and protected.

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