Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Top Ten Faves!

Ok, so sometime last year I shared my top ten favorite kitchen gadgets. I AM gadget girl after all! So I thought it would be fun, with all the crafting I've done this year, to touch on my favorite must-have scrap-room gadgets too! So here we go. First up...

  • Of course it's my Cricut! Before I had a scrapbook room, I had my Cricut thanx to my sister's VERY GENEROUS Christmas gift. As a matter of a fact, my Cricut IS THE REASON I have a scrapbook room!
  • Coming in number two then would be my Gypsy! My "design anywhere and cut when I get home" buddy that I lovingly named Charlie. As a companion to the Cricut, this really is my must have. It saves me from having to lug all my cartridges to crops and I LOVE the compact on-the-go-ness of it and the ability to create so many things with the special features that are only found on the Gypsy. I love Charlie.
  • Number three is my cuttlebug. I think for many scrappers, this just about rounds up the top three. I use my cuttlebug for both embossing and die cutting. It's been MAINLY embossing....well, until I discovered the Tim Holtz Sizzix strip dies.... OMG!
  • And that's a good lead-in to number four. The Tim Holtz Sizzix strip dies! The two I own are the film strip and the ticket strip. I am currently working on a Christmas layout featuring the ticket strip... if the companion Odds and Ends stamp set would just come in! LOL!
  • Number five is my Martha Stewart Score Board. I've talked a bit about it in my Halloween envelope tutorial, but really, this thing is like NO OTHER score board on the market at a price that can't be beat by anyone. Tip: Take a coupon with you when you RUN to pick one up!
  • I am begrudgingly admitting that Martha Stewart is taking up a little chunk of my top ten faves. You all know she tried to kill me, but I find there is a glimmer of forgiveness since she DOES make the coolest crafting tools EVA! So number six is my Martha Stewart circle cutter. The framework houses bearings so that the frame can stay stationary while the blade pivots and the cutting template spins for an even cut. This one (and rather compact) tool cuts circles in 16th inch increments from 1 inch all the way up to 5.5 inches. PLEASE be careful.... the safety cap on the very sharp blade SLIDES TO THE SIDE to remove. Ask me how I found out....
  • Good ol' Martha Stewart also appears for my number seven with her spider web punches. I own all four. The corner web and the border web punch are the newest to my collection and make up the "punch-around-the-page" set that you've seen me working with to master. I also own the single web and the deep punch whole web border punch..whew, say THAT three times fast! Of all the punches I own, these punches are my absolute favorites!
  • Number eight is my magnetic, self healing cutting mat by Basic Grey...appears in the pic above (click to enlarge). It comes with super strong magnet pins that hold projects in place while I'm working on them. I find that this comes in really handy when I'm playing with the alcohol inks and when I'm stamping. The mat also is completely ruled which is a necessity when I'm working!
  • Number nine is my laser printer. Now this was not and is not a "Scrapper's Gadget" really, since I owned this office printer BEFORE I picked up this little scrapping hobby, but once I starting working with Copic markers, I discovered what a blessing this particular gadget really is. Laser toner is heat set and DOES NOT MOVE when I'm coloring with Copics. Because of this, I started a library of digi stamps that I probably wouldn't have cared to collect or even try for that matter if I had any other type of printer.
  • Ok.... my number nine and a half, pictured above, is my Bow Easy. I LOVE this cheap, easy to use, easy to store little bow-making wonder. I recently put in a request for Paper Vineyard to stock it. Keep your fingers crossed ladies, but until then, the ordering information is right on this handy dandy little gadget. This little bow maker actually makes 7 sizes of bows from teeny tiny to really quite large. It makes the simple bows and it also makes GORGEOUS multiple loop bows!
  • Number ten is my ATG Gun. Another new gadget, I honestly don't know how I made ANYTHING without it! Now my reasoning is probably going to make you laugh, but I LOVE how big it is!!! Size DOES matter, after all! ESPECIALLY when you spread out like I do to scrapbook. The frustration of finding the little glue runner that ALWAYS seems to get buried is finally over for me. The runner runs smoothly and I seem to have a never-ending supply of glue at all times.... I STILL haven't had to change out the tape roll! Yep, definitely love this one!

Alright, that about does it for my faves! I do have another favorite that doesn't exactly qualify as a gadget, but I'll share it anyway. My BONUS fave is my extra large Creative Options Grab and Go system. For at-home or "take to the crop" organizing, this thing really packs a punch! I got mine with a coupon (like pretty much everything), so it was uber affordable. If you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend it.

Ok scrappers... have a terrific Thursday. I gotta run and do my nails. OOOOOO... I feel another top 10 gadget list comin on! hahahahahahahaha!


Akuma Kanji said...

Pictures please! :P just to have an idea.... by the way, I'm a regular follower of your blog and I think you are very very talented! Continue the great work! I wish I had half of your imagination! :D

Debra said...

I love the top ten! I have many of these..except Martha..she is scary LOL!I love the bow easy too! TFS

FitterTwit said...

She IS scary Debra!!! hahahahahaha! Akuma, I will feature my top ten faves in upcoming posts. ;) You guys ROCK! Thanx for the input!

Tracy said...

Ohhh love your top ten list. Actually I have a lot of the same. But about the ATG, I still lose mine while working :)

Jennifer said...

What a great list!!! :) I agree with most of those! ;)