Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yummy, Yummy, Warm and Fuzzy!

A cold winter's night. You want something warm and yummy. Warm creamy soup? The weight gain the next morning will not be worth the indulgence. What if I told you that there WAS a warm yummy soup that will hit the spot without denting (the cellulite kind)?

While Arizona doesn't see cold winter nights really, it does get to be a little brisk in the evening. Tonight is was 69 degrees and I was searching for the warm and fuzzy feeling. So I searched the kitchen for something that would fit the bill. Coffee? No, I don't like it black and would hate myself for consuming the cream and sugar. Hot cocoa? Nope, same problem there as well. The guilt tomorrow isn't worth warm and fuzzy tonight. Soup! Yep, that's the ticket! But who the heck wants to MAKE soup at this hour of the night? While my VitaMix would certainly whip up a batch of healthy, yummy, make-you-toastie soup in minutes, it would still require prepping the veggies....something I wasn't wanting to do. So I wandered into the kitchen and searched the pantry. Viola! Progresso Soup....the 0 point weight watchers chicken noodle! There it is; warm, fuzzy and guilt free.
This soup has officially become a new staple this winter.

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