Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm LOVIN it!

For quite some time I have been focusing on my diet. My husband's physical therapist recommended a diet that was PACKED with fiber, fruit, vegetables, and lean mean.... all the good stuff. Unfortunately, this diet was very hard to stick to because it was the same food over and over. That led to me looking for recipes that I could substitute some of the meals with on this very wonderful (but boring) diet.
** A quick note: it was a wonderful way to start changing the way I eat! Let me know if anyone would like a copy of it. It has a full 2 week eating plan. No guess work. What you need to eat is outlined daily.

I first grabbed my "old standby".... Eating For Life (Click here for link to This book is FULL of terrific recipes that are very easy to make, but lacked in the amount of vegetables that the previously mentioned diet included. Then I found it! Volumetrics! This book is fantastic. I am including the Amazon link as well as a blog link so that you can all see what the excitement is about. This diet is rated the "top diet" by consumer reports and I know why! With all the vegetables and fruit that you are can't help but get healthy! I'm LOVIN it!

Amazon Link for Volumetrics
Volumetrics blog link

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