Sunday, May 11, 2014

Almost A Keeper.... Almost

This is the one that's getting away.  I made this book for my mother-in-law for mother's day using my ALL TIME FAVORITE stuff.  Suddenly I DON'T want to give it to her.  This turned out WAY better than I envisioned and I want to keep it..... is that bad???

I have to keep telling myself that this is MORE than a just a pretty bound book, this is a problem solver.... a problem solver for my mother-in-law!!!!  My mother-in-law forgets things as we all do.  So to combat this, she writes everything down in notebooks, many notebooks, notebooks that get lost with her thoughts.  So for this mother's day I decided to make her a "master memory" book.  The problem is I used all my favorite things.... I should probably just keep it shouldn't I????

I haven't made a bound book in a LONG time.  WHY didn't I expect to love this so much? Here's a side view.... check out all that dimension!!!  I used some of my favorite ribbons from the Teresa Collins World Traveler line, Prima Vintage Roses (LOVE), Spellbinders Wonderful Wings and Labels 20 and Bo Bunny paper from the Gabrielle line.... MY LAST TWO SHEETS!!!!  I think I might be hyperventilating!!!  The bling is Zva Creative remnants and the lettering is Tim Holt's Typeset strip die.  Is it hot in here?

THIS is why I made this book (click on pics to enlarge).  This book is a perpetual notebook.  It has three sections made out of heavy chipboard:  Places To Go, Things To Do and Stuff To Know.  The back of the book contains multiple sticky note pads:

Whenever she has stuff to write down, all she has to do is write it on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate section and she will no longer have information that she has to hunt for and with one place to find ALL her notes, she won't have to worry about searching an endless notebook collection for notebooks she misplaced.  And when information on a sticky is no longer needed, she can discard the sticky leaving room for another bit of new information.  Problem solved!  Well, HER problem is solved.  The new problem now is that I don't want to give it to her anymore. I love it.  I want to keep it for myself.  She doesn't even have to know I made it. 

Except I DID finish this one off with my mark.... and I did make this one with love, so I guess I'll give it to her.  [*SNIFF*]



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Just give it to her! LOL!!!! I loveeeeeeee it and can see why you want to hoard it ... but give it up! LOL!! :) Happy Mama's Day!!!

FitterTwit said...

I did.... but it was difficult! ;)