Saturday, January 4, 2014

YAY 2014

Yes, yes... I know I've been away for quite some time.  Had a HARD tail end of 2013 with multiple moves, multiple surgeries and just as many nervous breakdowns!  WHEW!  Am I glad THAT'S over!

I joke about having nervous breakdowns, but then again sometimes my nerves got a bit frayed and threatened to break right there toward the end of the year.  So I'm here today to tell EVERYONE what got me through and share my most recent 'HIGH FIVE'!!!

So Hay House, the book publisher of one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Wayne Dyer is hosting a "New You Now" event that kicks off in less than a week.  My guess is that Hay House will feature a good number of their published authors to sort of kick off book sales for the new year while at the same time sharing some insight and direction toward you reaching your full potential in this new year..... BRILLIANT IDEA!!!  My favorite of all is that RIGHT NOW they are featuring another life-changing video of a discussion with Dr. Dyer about starting this new year, being in "the now" (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this part) AND starting a gluten free lifestyle, and that is kind of a big deal for me.... especially right now.

So I'm going to back up here for one tick.  What I've failed to mention is that I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and folks with my condition are "sensitive" to gluten.  Don't ask me the how's or why's because I honestly don't understand the medical jargon with inflammation and breaking down proteins and whatnot. All I can tell you is that I ABSOLUTELY should be staying away from gluten because for me it causes horrible insomnia, skin issues, abdominal issues, brain fog, swelling and joint pain.  I mean it is ugly..... but not immediate enough that I stay away from gluten.  You see EVERYTHING I LOVE contains gluten!  And the horrible-ness that are my symptoms don't come on me like someone who is "allergic", it is a slow progression over time after consuming the gluten.  Sometimes, depending on the amount and frequency, I can eat the gluten and not really notice the effects.  And then there are times, like over the holidays when I cannot get away from gluten and I spend three whole miserable months HURTING myself.  Oh sure... I am completely in bliss while I'm eating the glutenous poison and then when the misery comes on I cry and ask, "WHY did I do this to myself???"  I do it every time.  So how apropos that at a time when I'm determining to quit the gluten for good that this should be the very thing that Dr. Dyer discusses!!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!  THAT my friends is a SERIOUS high five.  You have GOT to check out this video:  CLICK HERE!

Oh!  I almost forgot!!!  I promised to share what got me through the trials and tribulations of 2013.  Well, it was a strong belief that God was going to work his magic, AND.... I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer's 2008, The Power of Intention over and over.  Yeah, that man is touched by God.... DEFINITELY!  So if you want to check out THAT (which I HIGHLY recommend you do if you are going through, well, anything really), CLICK HERE!

For more up-to-date and regular uplifting, you can check out his blog HERE!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you my friend ... I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you!! :)

the queen said...

Love how in touch you are with your inner-workings and the challenges of your daily life. You inspire me to do better, no matter what my situation is!